Getting to 340 Gear

340 gear is only attainable in the Hard Mode version of the new Operation, R-4.  The R-4 gearing option falls into needing to get into an R-4 Prog team.  Most farm teams have expectations of previous clears and can cause friction for new/learning players.

Most teams start with Watch Dog, the second boss, and farm it for Tokens to begin work on 340 gear, helping the clearing of the other bosses.  A guild helps here too.  Most that are serious about raiding will host sessions for new players to get them acquainted with these fights and make sure they get the random token drops to get that gear score moving forward.

Hard Mode R-4 is currently the only way forward past 336.  I'd highly recommend you be in full 336 augmented gear and check out the information I have on the site before attempting these encounters.