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Welcome to my SWTOR guides!  I am Admiral Nick, and contained here is my collected knowledge and experience in Star Wars the Old Republic.  The content here is geared to folks wanting to pick up and play one of the advanced classes in the game.  My goal is to make a simple guide that reviews what you need to know to play the class effectively.  I do not go in detail about what each ability does, rather I provide more the order to use/cast your abilities for optimal performance.  There are many abilities to use, and it can be somewhat overwhelming.  My guides provide the patterns to follow and some of the rationale behind it.  I also highlight each class's defensive tool kit, as well as noteworthy support abilities.  While most operations bosses require some form of mastery of that boss's mechanics, at the core of every fight is the ability to take the big hits as a tank and survive, effectively dps to push the fight's phases and kill the boss, and to heal the team to keep them in the fight.   The site is here to help end game players become stronger raiders by arming them with the knowledge of their chosen discipline to be effective in these operations.  

The guides here are broken down into a few key areas and are 100% focused on raiding in the game's Operations at the Hard Mode + level.  Story mode operations are an excellent area to learn your class, its ability patterns, defensive abilities and its movement in fights.  I would highly recommend completing an operation in story mode several times before tackling it in hard mode (Veteran Mode), and the same goes for the Nightmare (Master Mode) Level.  The fights change (some dramatically) as the difficulty increases.

For each class I have a degree of mastery over, I have created a guide that goes over what I have learned about it and how I play it.  Classes I have a higher mastery of will have more information, classes I either do not enjoy playing or perform poorly will likewise have less content.  I update my class guides as I learn more about them or one of those fun game updates come along.

  Class guides generally follow this format:

Admiral Nick's SWTOR Guides provides the community beginners guides for setting yourself up for end game operations (raiding) encompassing guides for gearing your character(s), learning the basics of game play, class rotations and a large focus on strategy and tactics for many of the game's more challenging operations and newer content.  The site's goal is to stay relevant to the current state of SWTOR with a key focus on updating and maintaining content.