Class Guides

Reading the Guides

I play primarily on the republic side.  As such, most of my guides are written from that point of view (except for sniper, I just like it more).  Rather than write mirror guides for imperial classes, I have chosen to mash both abilities together for simplicity and to help teach/illustrate the mirror abilities.  In text surrounding abilities I typically only reference the republic version, but with the imperial mirror close by for reference, it is my hope that the "translation" is not too far removed to be understood.

The picture on the right will be the Republic ability, the left side is the Imperial Mirror.  Text on Top is the Republic Description, bottom is Imperial.

The background color corresponds to what type of ability that is.
Tan - Normal ability
Yellow - an ability that should be proc'd when used
Green - Your DoT/HoT abilities
Purple - DoT Spread abilities
Grey - Abilities that tick your DoTs
Red - Offensive Buff
Orange - Execute abilities
Blue - Defensive abilities

Spec Analysis

Rating - My Rating out of 5 with this class, how much I have personally played it and how much I recommend playing it.  This is specific to my taste in the spec and should be taken for what it is worth.  If you find you like a spec I have rated high, check out some of the others with similar ratings as you may enjoy them as much as I do.

#abilities - this is the number of "powers" you will need to use rotationally and have on your quick bar for general use.  Things like your stuns and stun breakers and other utility abilities (raid buffs etc) do not count toward this number.  Note that abilities that need to be repeated in the rotation only count once.

Survival - out of 5, How I generally feel the class handles dodging or minimizing damage taken.  How "tanky" it feels.  I take into account the spec's ability to move out of damage easily and how good the class's defensive abilities handle damage taken.

Utility - out of 5, My read on how useful the class is in harder content.