Dread Fortress  NiM Draxus

The Nightmare (or Master) Mode guide here highlights each add wave and assigns roles to each raid member as the fight progresses through its nine waves.

Special thanks to the creator of the ground layouts and add diagrams.  I have painted on top of them with my team's general strategy for how we handle the draxus phases.

Our normal comp for this fight is:

Tank - Guardian (Blue)
DWT - Tactics Vanguard (Purple)
DWT - Vigilance Guardian (Red)
DWT - Vigilance Guardian (Orange)
DPS - Telekinetics Sage (Pink)
DPS - Engineering Sniper (Yellow)
Heal - Sage Seer (Green)
Heal - Combat Medic Commando (Lime)

All Suberoths are killed together within the Same GCD (or 2) on the Blue Tank Marker.  DPS should not start early and should wait for them to gather. 

After 4 GCDs, I use my "Cheese ability" to ignore the damage.   If your spec doesn't have a cheese for the damage, run!

Melee Class Cheeses:

Guardian - Saber Reflect
Shadow - Resilience
Vanguard - Emergency Power (tank only, DPS run away!)
Scoundrel - Scamper (Scrapper only)
Sentinel - Blade Blitz / Guarded by the Force (maybe)

Split by frames, Blue Tank kites suberoths away.  Purple Tank or DwT Taunts one of the Suberoths off the tank before both are killed.  All Trash is killed

Kill Each side's corruptor then burn boss to 60% for push out before wave 4.

Player 2 (red) and 5 (purple) taunt and take their side's dismantler.  They kite them toward the center and take the kick.  Blue Tank Taunts and takes them both.  All DPS burn Dismantlers.

Purple DwT does not come back after being kicked.  They take 1 Suberoth out of the group and kites it away.

Purple DwT (5) kills the bulwark on the left.
Yellow DPS (7) kills the bulwark on the right.
Green Healer (8) gets first interrupt on back right (reversed reference) corruptor.
Orange DPS (6) gets first interrupt on back left (reversed reference) corruptor.
Red DwT (2) gets second interrupt on back right (reversed reference) corruptor.

Pink DPS (3) gets emergency interrupt on either corruptor if needed.
All DPS in back kill bulwark when finished with corruptors.

Burn Boss as soon as Bulwarks and corruptors are down.  Need to push to sub 30% to push him out before wave 6.  Raid Buffs are used as soon as the group beings the full burn on Draxus.

Red DwT (2) gets Left Dismantler, Purple DwT gets right Dismantler.  Both DwTs kite them towards the Blue Tank (1).

Blue Tank (1) taunts when DwTs are kicked.

DwTs jump back in and burn Dismantlers, DoT spread to Despoiler if he came from.  Blue Tank (1) should try to move and stack Dismantlers on Despoiler to ensure he dies promptly.

Blue Tank (1) interrupts the Despoiler if he comes to the front.  IF he stays in the back, DPS in rear will need to deal with him.   Watch his position and call the ball.

Rest of DPS Kill Corruptor (interrupting if needed), then burn Dismantlers.

Bulwark is killed next, then dispatcher.

Blue Tank (1) and Purple DwT (5) take Guardians and turn cleaves toward the front of the room.  DPS burn Purple DwT's (5) Guardian First.  Blue Tank(1) should try to get Suberoths stacked with their Guardian.  IF they go to Purple DwT's (5) side, care must be taken not to kill the Suberoths together.

Cleaves must be stepped out of.  Tank/DwTs can walk through the guardians as they channel their cleave to avoid it.

The Entire Team goes Left and kills the corruptors.

Blue Tank (1) keeps the Despoiler interrupted.  They start kiting them toward the middle of the room so the group can burn it down as the team heads to the right.

On the right, everything is killed EXECPT for the Dispatcher.  The Group heals.

Blue Tank (1), Red DwT (2) and Purple DwT (5) should head toward their perspective wave nine positions early.

The rest of the group should B-line it for the back as soon as phase pushes/heals are finished.

Blue Tank (1) picks up Draxus

Red DwT (2) taunts the left Guardian

Purple DwT (5) taunts the right Guardian

DPS kill the Corruptor, then Purple DwT's(5) Guardian, then Red DwT's (2) Guardian.

They then finish off the dispatchers and then