APEX HM Battery Guide

Phase 1 of battery running begins as soon as the battery panel is broken, and the battery can be removed.  For battery running, I prefer to use the Sage/Sorc class for its utility for movement.  Force Speed can be used right before we click to pick up the battery (and are silenced) for a burst of movement.  Likewise, as we click on the battery, we can hit phase walk to teleport quickly to a console or back to the battery station.  Prefight I set up my phase walk at the stim station.  After the initial use, I reset it as often as I can at the recharge station, flare station or stim station.

Phase 1 ends after the first voltinator happens.  When voltinator cast you should be at the stim station topping it back off and running to make flare as soon as that finishes.  I highly recommend keeping the boss focus targeted and ensuring you can clearly see his cast bar.  If you do not, you will need constant messages from your team as to what the boss is doing in phase 2.

Note that the Times do not always 100% line up with what the boss is doing, but it will happen within a few seconds +/- of the indicated time.  This is also with 6.3 scaling, in 7.x the first dps push on apex to prompt the breaking of the battery door may no longer line up to match this.  The pacing lines up to every 60 seconds the next mechanic fires off in phase one.

On the order of operations, you'll see I have included both the Boss's action and your responses for the pacing of the fight.  As the battery runner, it is easy for you to set the pace of the fight and make the call outs.  I will tell my raid, "Disruptor next" or "Zone defense after this".  YOU MUST be able to communicate in this position.  You will need to tell your flare healer when to expect flares and inform the DPS when stims are available.  Aside from having someone call out contagion, you should be the one coordinating what is happening.

Tip: DPS do not need their stims until the first voltinator, I like to play a little stim support here and give a couple of the dps a stim or two as I can early in phase 1.  I like to take extra (more than the 6 for me) and stim them on my way back to recharge after they have picked there's up.  Be sure to tell them you are doing it as if they are doing it to, they will overdose and die.

Here is where it gets interesting.  Enter RNG.  Phase 1 is completely scripted and will happen in the same way every single time.  First up in phase 2 will either be Red Venom or Mass Target Lock; this will start you down either track A or B.  Track A will lead you to A or B next (C and D are the exact same mechanics as A and B, but if you start with Track B first you will end with a different number of remaining charges in your battery requiring a different sequence).  Likewise, track B leads to either C or D.  Both finish with the final A/B possibility at the bottom and the entire thing ends with Zone Defense or 27.5% boss HP.  Your team will get two voltinators during this phase.  It is extremely important that they have enough stims to deal with it.  You have next to no time to make more as boss mechanics are now going off every 30 seconds.  It should be noted too, that you MUST have stims of your own.  Stims speed you up and halve the stacks slowing you.  It will be very difficult for you to complete this phase without stims.

We are in the home stretch, but have a new mechanic entering the fray.  Acid Deluge.  Tank has to handle what is going on and stack as many puddles as they safely can.  It is a very dangerous area denial ability that can fill up the room quickly if the tank is not ready for it or kill anyone standing in multiple puddles too long.  We want to be ready to wash the room as soon as this finishes.  He will have a buff on him showing the remaining spits he will do.  With really good DPS it is very possible to push him to the final voltinator (16%) and skip some of the mechanics before it.  After voltinator he maintains a linear script of mechanics.  As soon as he hits 5%, you should stop what you were on your way to do, throw the battery down and go all in on helping to DPS the boss.  Use any remaining stims you have (max of two and make sure you had not just used them, or you will kill yourself).  The only exception to this rule of drop and burn is if a mass target lock is about to expire, it will need your focus, then you can burn.  (mass target lock takes 30 seconds to activate then it begins bombardment).

Talking about who is stimming the tank after Last Ditch Effort (5%) cast is important.  Sometimes as the battery runner I have taken on that responsiblity to help out.  The tank will need stimmed going into it to survive the damage, if they were not able to get stims you need to know so you can plan to do it.