Voss Interpreter’s Retreat

By Laashka

Work in progress

Achievement Locations 

The new Voss Interpreter's Retreat area has several new achievements that come with it.  Many can be completed without completing the prerequisite story, while others will require access to locations only available upon story completion.

Exploration Achievements

First up is a set of 4 achievements earned when finishing a channel "contemplating" at 3 locations in the Voss retreat.  Below on the maps the purple, blue and green stars will guide you to the location you will need to visit.  Once there, activate the temporary ability.  When the channel finishes, the achievement will be yours.  Contemplate at all 3 locations to complete a bonus, hidden achievement worth 25 points.

Next is a set of achievements that will take some work.

A rustle in the Leaves - Yellow Star - Defeat Susurrus
Grumch Crunch - Orange Star - Defeat the Big Crumch
Roving Menace - Red Star - Defeat the Vagrant Shaclaw

Each of these champions will award an achievement.  Defeating them 5 times will award a second hidden achievement.