NiM Nefra

Recommended Comp:

2 Vanguard Tanks

4 of any DPS class that cannot cleanse

2 Healers that do not know how to cleanse

Step by step instructions

1) Make sure someone puts in say chat: Leg Day Nefra!

2) Pull any remaining monsters from the entry way into the fight to boost DPS numbers

3) (OPTIONAL) Off Tank Taunts when they gain 3 stacks of a fluffy red debuff, main tank should taunt back immediately to make sure that their off tank continues to stack and die.

4) Tanks should try to aggro all droids, but miss and make different epic excuses as to why it happened.

5) Turn early at 14 stacks to make sure that the group gets cleaved before the 15th stack comes out.

6) Turn the boss back early before nightmare twin attack comes out to make sure at least one tank dies here.

7) Have a dps stand in for the Dead Tank

8) Make sure that the dps dies before the revived tanks gets back into position (the revived tank should stand out longer "self-healing" to make sure this happens.

I strongly recommend wiping on this boss 3–4 times before clearing it.  Especially in a new group.  They cannot think that NiM Ops in the game are easy after all.

Repeat the above until the boss reaches 2%

9) Use Raid buffs

10) Kill the Boss

11) Realize you are capped on Tech Fragments and hold the team up for 20 minutes while you go to the fleet and figure out what to spend them on.  Buy yourself something else nice while you are there.

Yes, this is a joke, happy nefra farming.