Recommended Gearing

Welcome to my recommended gearing "version 4".  Rather than litter an entire webpage with a ton of pictures, my new system will allow the user (you) to select which class/spec you are gearing up.  Manipulate the selections in the white boxes below to set your gear level, augment level and class you are gearing to get a read out of how many pieces of gear you will need with each type of tertiary stat as well as a calculation of those values.

Legendary Implants are also set to 340 and cannot be manipulated at this time.  Click below to select any of the white boxes to set the gear level and class you want to use.  I have included a before and after.  "Old" gear should be entered on the right side, with new going in the left for proper calculations of changes.

**Endurance and Mastery calculations do not account for stats earned from finding datacrons.  All datacrons collected in game adds: 1443 Mastery and 1193 Endurance.  Not insignificant numbers, especially since the community is all in for STIMs which only add 373 total stat points.

**All gear is assumed to be Artifact/Purple.  Having lower quality gear only changes the Primary and Second Stats (Mastery, Endurance, Power, Defense), as such the focus of the gearing is on Tertiary stats.  For 340 and lower level gear that is available from Hyde and Zeek, my recommendations for "where what goes" is largely cosmetic.  I recommend using the shopping list at the bottom of the stat cards and buying the number of what you need (e.g. 4 critical enhancements) and put them into gear in a way that works for you.

**For gearing higher than 340 (342/344) I have tried to keep the "flavor"  of the gear dropped for that class closely matched to what is recommended.  (e.g. shadow drops accuracy head pcs, I tried to use those in the head pc slots).  There are classes that the gear that drops will not give us the stats we need to build the stats out correctly.  In those instances, I kept the recommendations to match what that class would be able to loot from a secondary spec, or its heal spec.  Many will run the same set of gear for all of their DPS or healer builds.  You should compare my recommendation to the chart below to see which (if any) gear pieces you may need to collect from an alt, or secondary spec.

**I have not accounted for color crystals in main hands/off hands into the calculations below.

General Gearing (stats) tips
Accuracy to 110% (tanks and healers do not use accuracy) We must have more than 2694 stat points in accuracy.  When upgrading, upgrade gear with accuracy first.

2nd build your alacrity to the desired threshold.  My guild uses the Zeal Perk for an additional 5% alacrity.  I recommend using this, if your guild is doing Story or Veteran Mode Operations.

3rd dump everything you have left into your critical stat line.  If upgrading, gear with critical is our lowest priority.
Mastery, power and endurance are dependent on the quality of your gear and will improve based on rarity.  As such, they are not focused on below as they are largely dependent on the content you gain the gear from.

For tanks, build your shield stat first, then dump the remaining points into your absorb stat line.  Going all shield or all absorb is the very definition of stupid.  The two stats are highly dependent on each other and need to be balance around the stats for each tank class below.

For main hand/offhand crystals, I use Endurance for my Tanks and Critical for My DPS/Heal builds.  Crystals should be put in, they do not offer a massive stat pool, but +84 stat points to endurance is not insignificant.

Stims are necessary for the above recommendations.  They provide stats equivalent to having a 15th augment.  Each flavor of stim provides a different set of 2 stats.  Traditionally, Blue is for tanks, Yellow is for DPS and Red is for Healers.  The cards below will indicate which stim was used in the stat build.

This resource was developed by the creator tagged on it, early in 7.0.  This chart shows the "flavor" that each piece of gear from drops gives you.  This is helpful if not using Hyde and Zeek to build out your armor set.  For example, let's say I am a Shadow, all of my armor will be force lord and have the tertiary stats listed on that row below.  So if I loot a Force Lord's Chest Armor, it will have accuracy has its tertiary stat.

Now, let's say for Shadow, I want 3 pieces of accuracy gear.  I would need to be able to swap to one of the other 3 to get accuracy in my boots, pants or gloves.  Having a secondary spec that you can loot for is helpful here.  You can change your "loot discipline" by right-clicking on your character portrait.  If your secondary spec is a guardian, for example, setting your Loot Discipline to Vigilance would mean that you could now loot Accuracy gear from drops for Pants and Gloves.

Want more ability to manipulate your gear?  Check out the Stat Planning tool in the exclusive content section of the Site!

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