Kats_Tales streams our raids and guild activities regularly.  Kat joined the journey with me and Avalon's Fury in its early days of raiding in 2021.  Kat has been proof that epic people do respond to guild ads.  Together we've tackled Veteran Mode gods of the machine, Dxun and embarked on our journey through the game's nightmare/master mode content together.  She's been a huge part of four of our flag ship teams as well as a pivotal member of the leadership in Avalon's Fury.  As a streamer she's captured and shown the twtich community some of our most epic moments in SWTOR, as well as all the work that goes into making it happen.  Several guides on the site have been enhanced by what she is able to capture to help show others the fights.

If you're playing SWTOR and haven't checked out Kats_Tales...well you're able to fix that here and now ;).