NiM Tyrans

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In the typical Tyrans fashion, he has a new tile layout ready for us for nightmare difficulty.  This time the tiles are laid out more like a checkerboard and will require players to move diagonally between them during the encounter.  I recommend getting some practice moving around the room before you pull to get use to the new floor pattern.

Tyrans is 100% a fight about coordination and movement.  There are no changes to the phase, it is repeat, repeat repeat.  Once your team finds the flow of the fight, you will clear this boss quickly.

Standard Comp



Melee Camp
-2 Melee DPS
-The off Tank

Ranged Camp
-2 Ranged DPS
-2 Healers

The Pull

My cotank and I start this fight by a series of taunts, getting tyrans back to the Melee camp starting platform (white # 1).

Tank 1 stands on platform # 1, Tank 2 stands on platform # 4.

Tank 2 taunts Tyrans, as soon as Tyrans is attackable, Tank 1 "pulls" then taunts.  It is super imperative that Tank 1 does not lose threat in the time that Tyrans is on platform # 1.  After my taunt is about to expire, I AoE taunt.  About the time my main taunt is back up is when the first simplification channel starts.

White = Melee/Tank Path | Yellow = Ranged Path

The Pattern

Tyrans quickly falls into a repeating pattern of 2 the two mechanics described below.  Simplification forces a tank swap and sets the pace of the fight, with inferno giving us a positioning check

Pattern:3 sets of Simplification go out, with the current tank getting the first.  Seconds after the 3rd finishes, the channel for inferno goes out.  Players stack, drop their infernos and move.  Seconds after the infernos stop burning, it is back to simplification.  Repeat ad nauseam until you kill him.

Debuffs to Know

Affliction - Cannot be cleansed, Debuff placed on a random player, ticks for massive damage

Keeping Things Simple

Simplification - Debuff placed on the active tank and 2 additional players.  When the Debuff expires, it will lock onto and drop the platform the player is standing on.

Marked for Death - Debuff received after Simplification expires.  Must be cleansed by clicking the Holocron on the lower Level.

The tanks swap on SIMPLIFICATION.  The off tank must taunt DURING the channel of the cast.  If they wait until the end, the boss will blink somewhere (more than likely to the ranged camp) and smashes a thundering blast through the group.

Mastering this tank swap keeps the raid routine and predictable.  Thundering blast comes out very frequently and ALWAYS right after a SIMPLIFICATION.  Melee DPS may get in a hurry to leave platforms after "SIMP" goes out on the tank.  Take a second and wait.  The Tank taunting Tyrans should warn the DPS if they see they will get cleaved trying to exit.

In my example here (transition from platform 1 -> 2), if the DPS run immediately, they will be hit with the beam attack (thundering blast).  It will over stress the healers and will kill unsuspecting DPS.

This attack cannot be reflected, reboundered ect.

**New for NiM** - Any players receiving the Simplication Debuff (3 players after each channel).  You MUST drop to the lower level and click on the holocron to cleanse a debuff.  Failure to do so is death.

The tank on Tyrans will always be the first to receive simplification.  The tile that Tyrans was being tanked on should be stood on and dropped.  The tank should then fall, click holocron for cleanse.  Come back up and rejoin the melee camp while the other tank takes their turn tanking Tyrans.

2 more players will receive "SIMP".  If it is a MELEE, the active tile that Tyrans is on should once again be dropped.  The active tank should move Tyrans to the next platform in order.  Your team needs to note which platforms are Tank/Melee Camp tiles to take and which are RANGED camp tiles to take and drop them in order.

Going ahead and dropping 3 before 2 will cause problems, as will the melee dropping ranged tiles and vice versa.

Below is an example of round one simplification.

Simp Starts on the Active Tank, off tank taunts during the Simp Channel

Simp goes on a Ranged DPS

Simp goes on a melee, they call out for the tank to move.


Inferno - ALL players receive this debuff, when it expires it drops a puddle on the ground.  When all circles have dropped, the puddles catch fire.  The circles do not deal damage until they are visually burning.

The Melee MUST coordinate dropping of inferno puddles.  In NiM we choose to drop all 4 players circles on the same quarter of the platform.  The timing works like this:

Inferno drops off of each player at a different rate.  It is important to keep track of inferno on your debuff bar and to NOT move out of the drop zone until your debuff has fallen off.  Do not watch the floor here, trust your debuff bar and trust the system.  Inferno will not ignite on the floor until 2" after the final inferno has fallen off.

Ranged have a much easier time with inferno.  Stack in the drop zone and leave when your debuff falls off.  It is 100% a matter of going to the correct spot and paying attention.

Inferno Drop Zones (Red is Melee, Orange is ranged) along with Tanking positions for all tanking platforms.

Is this what you call strategy?

You may notice we skip the upper right and upper left 2 platforms.  If you find your group behind the curve on dpsing Tyrans, or folks go down, you can certainly add these back in as tanking platforms.  Our team usually kills Tyrans around platform 11-13, depending on how many times melee got simplification vs ranged.

Note 2 things:

1) it may be necessary, for the melee group, or the ranged group, to skip a few platforms to stay in range of each other.  If the melee group is getting more simplifications, they may move faster toward the back and leave the ranged camp behind.  Ranged camp should skip a couple and re-establish range.  It is not important to run back and try to drop missed platforms.  Whatever active platform the group is on, is what gets dropped.  Trying to run back can lead to errors when Inferno comes out.  Stick to the plan.

Likewise, the melee group may need to skip ahead several platforms if the ranged group has gotten more SIMPS than the melee camp.  Tanks should make the call and during the next tank swap, the taunting tank should simply stand on the desired platform the team is skipping ahead to.

The active tank on Tyrans should not try to "pull" the boss ahead.  It is a great way to screw up inferno, or get the raid blasted with TB.

2) Tyrans can get buggy.  We have noticed that if he is on a platform that gets dropped, he likes to hang there.  This seems to not happen if the tank moves him ahead fast enough (before the platform gets marked by a melee).

Tyrans can also get very desynced for the active tank and may appear off center, or disappear (to the bottom of the map) all together.  Trust that Tyrans is in the middle of the platform you are on.  Even if you can not hit him, do not try to adjust to fix it.  Just keep taunting and stay in the tank position.  We have found this usually gets fixed as the tank moves over for Inferno.  We have also found that those back tiles (the ones we skip) to really be buggy spots for this to happen (most of the reason we skip them.)

Best bets on the Tank Swaps

Platforming in this fight requires precise movements.  A tank falling off during the process of simplification is going to be bad news every single time.  If your tanks are struggling to platform, have the tank coming back up top from the last simplification just go ahead and move forward to the next platform, rather than reengage Tyrans with the melee camp.

My preferred method of movement is to dps with the melee camp.  Right after infernos drop, I move to the corner of the active platform and line up my character and place my back to the tile I will be moving Tyrans to.  When simplification comes out, I taunt while back peddling into the new platform.  I keep moving backward until I am into the new tanking position.

If you have a Marauder or sentinel in the group, I highly suggest you tell them not to use Predation/Transcendence during the fight.  Getting an unexpected movement speed buff has almost sent me off the edge numerous times.  Use of Predation during stationary periods for its extra DR is the way to go, in my opinion, daredevils proceed at your own risk.

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