Kessan's Landing Datacron

By Laashka

Kessan’s Landing Datacron

Kessan’s landing is a story and daily area added to SWTOR with update 7.4.

There is one Endurance Datacron hidden on Kessan’s Landing, and the guide below will detail the steps to reaching it.


IMPORTANT: before you begin the journey to the datacron, it is advantageous to complete the mission series for the Technological Breakthrough achievement. Completing this mission series grants you use of a Geothermal Shield that protects you as you traverse lava. A guide to this mission series can be found in the Kessan’s Landing Hidden Achievement Guide.

1. Obtain a Worn Access Card

There are various locations that this can spawn throughout the map. I am not sure where every possible location is, but here are a couple of places I have found one through instance swapping. Both were inside the speeder mechanic’s shop, so there may be more locations here.

I found some additional locations to find worn access cards in the cantina to the south of the Ardak point map.  Look on top of bars, behind the counters, on the floor beside of chairs ect.  It seems to have quite a number of spawn locations. - Admiral

2. Enter the Hidden Volcano Passage

Quick Travel to Solitude’s Laze (South Section of the map) and head to the location marked on the map below.

REMINDER: Make sure you have the Geothermal Shield equipped. It appears that instance swapping causes you to lose the shield, as I found out the hard way.

You’ll have to hop over a couple of lava streams to find the entrance to the passage, but the Geothermal Shield will protect you.

3. Complete the “Lava Problems” Mission

Once you’re through the passage into the tunnel, pick up the mission from the panel on the wall. This will allow you to enter the instance, into the heart of Mount Felo.

Explore the Abandoned Facility

1. Click on objects to open the door

Head to the right as you enter the area, into the room marked with a 1 on the map below. You’ll have to click on a series of objects in the correct order to advance the mission.

1. System Access Control Terminal

2. Operational Control Station

3. System Flush

4. Safety Release

5. Routine Execution Unit

2. Run For the Door

After clicking the objects in order, some savrips will spawn and attack you. Quickly kill them then head east down the catwalks and through the lava.

Stop once you cross the lava and pick of the missiles on the ground. The missiles will give you a temporary ability, you can use it on the Savrips.

Then, keep running through a door that was opened when you completed the last steps. There is a timer, so moving too slowly will cause you to have to re-click through the sequence.

Note: there are steam vent traps on the catwalks that will slow you if you step in them, and a few additional savrips will attack you along the way. They have stuns.

3. The Floor is Lava

The next step is a puzzle that will require you to run through a lava maze and get to the other side of the lava river. Your progress is impeded by invisible droids that will slow you, increasing your chances of being stuck in lava when your Geothermal Shield goes on cooldown.

Click on the panel at the top before jumping down the puzzle to reveal where the droids are located.

Follow the path marked in the image below for the safest path through the lava maze. The rock landings are good places to stop and let your shield charge or cooldowns reset like force speed, etc. before heading onto the next location.

Note: you will be in combat throughout most of the lava maze

Admiral's note: I skipped the whole "the floor is lava" part of this, if you have a class that can leap/gap close, try this method:

I saw these grapple droids to my left of the start location and gap closed up to them, ran along the overhang (backwards from the below "obtain a detonation unit" instructions).

Then worked my way back the way I had just come, clicking on and doing the below instructions.

4. Obtain Detonation Unit

After you complete the maze, run keep running through the tunnel, killing savrips as you go. Stop when you reach the Shielding Systems Override Console. Click it and continue along the path.

You’ll approach a Malfunction Probe Droid. Kill it and you will loot a Detonation Unit

Note: the droid has an AOE knockback, and the adds will grapple you, so mind your positioning.

Continue along the path until you reach a lava waterfall (lavafall?) and jump over it to the rocks below. Kill the grapple droids, and use the detonation devise on the door.

Note: this step is timed, and if you aren’t quick enough you will have to unshield the door again.

5. The Floor is Lava Pt. 2

After you’ve detonated the door, you enter the Abandoned Droid Factory. Your goal is safely navigating the passage. You’ll want to pause and let your cooldowns/shield recharge and kill the enemies that will slow you down in the lava. The map below shows a good path to take, and where it is safest to kill enemies.

5. Retrieve the Datacron

Once you’ve successfully navigated the second lava maze, you can retrieve the datacron on a table at the end of the tunnel. Congrats!