Configuring the UI

My user interface is HEAVILY customized. It has evolved over the years to suit my play style and aide in my muscle memory. Where exactly I have everything would make little sense to anyone but me. As such, I will not share every little quark I have done.

I will however list a few critical things you want to do to enhance your UI and give you an edge in battle.  I have broken down each into which role type they will benefit the most, they are all good things to add to all character types.

Tanking TIPS

It is super critical as a tank to know if you have the threat of the boss.  Setting up your UI as per below will aide you in identifying if the boss has swapped off of you, or help track the HP and channels of a second target.  Helpful in dual boss encounters, or when you keep to keep track of a debuff on your co-tank.

Focus Target

Go to your interface editor 

I believe, by default, the focus target is in the top middle of the screen. Make sure it is enabled by clicking on that UI element and toggling the enabled button 

You can also drag it around on the screen to wherever you want it. As you can see from the above, I have it below my main target.

To make use of FOCUS target, go to your preferences, keybindings, then targeting.

The default key is something like ctrl+F. I have mine set to "V". Hitting the key bind for Focus target will set a focus target, as well as swap your focus target and main target when pressed again (after you have acquired a new primary target.)

Target of Target

If you are TANKING, this one is a MUST. You are an official Noob if you know about this and do not use it 

Like focus targeting, proceed into the UI Interface editor, find the target of target UI element, make sure it is enabled and move it to where it makes sense to you. I believe, by default, it's between and above you and your target's HP bars. As a tank, this will show you what the boss is targeting (target of target). If that is you, you are doing your job. If it switches to someone else (not a cotank) you need to taunt to get the threat back. It may have a threat drop mechanic, or you may be behind your DPS or healer's threat Generation. (happens easy in openers, watch those sages and Vanguards 

You will learn to live for this UI element. As a DPS it's a great addition to know if the boss has switched off the tank on to you. You can save your life by seeing this and popping a Defensive Ability, or a threat drop ability to keep the fight on track. You may be the best DPS there, but if you are pulling threat, sure you can yell at the tank, but you can do a lot yourself to save the fight if you react as well. Teamwork 

Damage Class Tips

Tracking your DoTs

Most DPS classes have some form of DOT they place on a target and need to keep up. There is a lot rotationally that accounts for this and takes care of it for you. However, downtime in an operation boss fight may cause you to have to forgo where you were at in a rotation and reapply DOTs again to maximize DPS. 

The following UI changes will make seeing your DOTS on a target MUCH easier to see and keep track of 

Select your Target frame from the UI interface editor

Scroll down a bit and make sure these are checked and selected

Now your DOTS (and other Debuffs) will always be on the bottom left side of the MESS of other debuffs placed on your target

You can do this to the focus target frame as well.

GCD cycling colors, cool down text and enhancements to your ability windows 

I use the following settings for my Quick bars, this is found under preferences > Game 

This will add cool down text, so you know how long an ability has until it cycles back up, as well as changes the contrast of the ability and the line that flows down as the ability resets. I find it much easier to see and know when I have an ability coming back off cool down in a priority rotation like TK sage or Watchman Sentinel and several others (ambush for marksman for example).  In the end, of course, you need to find what works for you. There are many available settings.

Make your BUFF bar and Debuff bars bigger and put them somewhere that makes sense

My Buff bar is HUGE. I have it stacked so that 4 buffs show to a row. The buff bar is very useful for tracking things like upper hands on the scoundrel, ZEN on sentinel, force potency on serenity, Kinetic ward charges on Shadow Tank ect. The list goes on and on and on. Make it as big as makes sense and keep it somewhere you can see it easily. Mine sets right off to the left of my Character HP bar.

Highlight effects will help ZEN, upper hands ect. stand out from the rest

My Debuffs are smaller, and in-between my buffs and character HP bar. You normally receive fewer DEBUFFs but need to know when you have one (for cleanses for example mass affliction in Dread Fortress). There are sooo many operations bosses that put out debuffs that you need to have this handy to know when you have something happening to you. It almost always means you are about to take more damage. Induction cascade for example in the izax fight shows up on your debuff bar well in advance of the damage, so you know you need to move away from the group before you kill everyone.

Healing Tips

Healers have 2 main task, heal and cleanse debuffs.  The game does a terrible job of setting up ops frames for performance healing.  I recommend selecting your Ops frames and editing them with the below values.  Note that I set up separate UIs for 16 and 24 player content (changing the scaling a bit to accommodate). 

The final option, "Show Only Removable debuffs", can be helpful on some fights, but a disaster for others.  Revan Hard Mode for example, selecting this option will prevent the healers from seeing the debuffs they need to cleanse for mechanics.  It's safer to leave off though with some knowledge and tinkering, turning it on can clean up the frames for you further.

My UI, General Overview

My Operations Frame goes in the space in the middle between my HP bar and my Targets. 

I only show 2 groups and change up the UI spacing a little if I get into a 16 player or 24 player group.

In closing, there are a TON of options. I am happy to disuses what I have done in further detail, or help you find a solution to making your UI a better fit for you.