Getting Started

I have this section of the guides organized into a few loose "Chapters" to help get you started into the game.  There are in game tutorials that are a great, but often overlooked resource.  If you are on the newer side to the MMO style of game play, I highly recommend checking them out as you start your journey.  My guide here is more of a fill in the blank for those looking to step into end game content (namely raiding).  There are several points that are overlooked and require you to take note of things on your own.  Below is my recommended order of tackling the content on the site.

📔 Chapter 1 - The Basics

📕 Chapter 2 - Customizing your UI - Familiarize yourself with your user interface and make adjustments to help you in your role

📗 Chapter 3 - Keybinding -  An example of my key binds as well as how to map your own.

📘 Chapter 4 - 700 BioChem - (Exclusive Content Guide) A huge benefit for raiding, and massive cost saver!

📙 Chapter 5 - Parsing  - Start to learn your numbers and to gauge improvement as you learn.

📚 Chapter 6 - Gear your character up for end game raiding
A - Getting to 336
I - Getting Ops -1 Catalyst
B - Augmenting your gear
C - Recommended Gearing for each class

📓 The End Game Class Manuals - Advanced Class Guides

🌟 Addendums